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Company Profile

DRB Sports Cars are the manufactures of AC Cobra, DRB540 Cobra, GT40 and D-Type Jaguar replica vehicles.

DRB was established in 1980, and since then on the Gold Coast, and have built most of the Kit Cars in Australia - in excess of 1000. Of these, over 350 have been AC Cobra Replicas. DRB manufactures the body/chassis units and components.

* Established 1980
* Manufactured in excess of 700 Kits (over 350 cobras)
* DRB developed the trend setting monocoque method now copied by other manufacturers
* Highly respected within the automotive and racing industry
* In-house engineers, professional suspension software, access to all the latest technology
* CAD, CNC, Rapid prototyping, Specialised composites such as Carbon Fiber and Kevlar
* Down to earth genuine and honest customer service and after sales support.

Regarding our Cobras, Shannons Insurance have been quoted as saying that DRB Cobras are the best engineered Cobra, and command the best resale price. This credibility is priceless, and our outstanding quality is easy to see in our products.

We have built a large range of cars throught recent years (not just Cobras):

  • 3 x UK designed Ultima's (Chassis built from scratch)
  • 350+ Cobra Kits
  • 10+ AC Cobras - Full Turn-Key
  • 20+ GT40's - Full Turn Key
  • 1 Factory DRB540
  • 35+ DRB 540 Kits
  • 2 very competitive Race Cobras
  • Insurance work for numerous Cobras from other manufacturers

As well as being exported to Agents in overseas Countries, our cars have been delivered to customers in every State and Territory in Australia. These have been sold to owners from all age groups and varied trades and professions.

DRB developed the trend-setting monocoque method of construction, a method that is now copied by other manufacturers. All DRB body/chassis units come to you with the body fully assembled to the chassis, with doors fitted (with anti-intrusion beams installed), bonnet and boot lid hinged and aligned to solve the problem of home builders working with the very specialised GRP materials. In addition, the high standard of “panel fit” from the factory has assisted home built DRB Cobra replicas win more awards than any other manufacturer.

The fully jig welded chassis has all mounting brackets and bosses included so the body/chassis unit is ready to accept suspension, motor and transmission components when you take delivery. A very comprehensive Build Manual is supplied with each body/chassis unit, and provides step by step instructions on the build procedure, photos, drawings, part numbers of the ADR (Australian Design Rules) compliant components that are required and templates where necessary.

More DRB Cobra replicas have been completed and registered by home-builders than all the other Manufacturers. All of the specialist parts and accessories are available from the Factory and a back-up service is provided.

DRB designed cars have a reputation for  engineering quality and ease of construction being the main objectives. We are always available for advice to home builders, and can provide most of the special components to complete the vehicle. These can be bought progressively to suit the customer’s budget.

Our AC Cobra, GT40, D-Type Jaguar and DRB540 kits are easily the most respected in the industry, and have proved themselves time and time again from ease of registration, to award winning Show & Shines to fantastic race track results.

Please browse our website, and if you have any other questions, or would like to talk about placing an order, please CONTACT US at any time.


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