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DRB 540

We are no longer producing the DRB 540 and currently all of the tooling, moulds, jigs and IP are available for sale. Contact us on 07 3807 2480 or email admin@drbsportscars.com for more details.

Ford USA produced the Shelby Concept Cobra and displayed the prototype at motor shows in USA during 2004. The car was fitted with a 6.8 litre, V10 motor and a rear mounted transaxle and suspension components from the Ford GT. Although the car was well received, possibly due to financial constraints, production of the car did not proceed. The Concept Cobra provided the inspiration for producing a similar looking Cobra Concept Kit Car and it is named the DRB 540.

We have commenced manufacturing DRB540 chassis's and body's and expect customer delivery of body-chassis units within 10 weeks of order. The chassis is supplied with all the mounts to accept BA/BF engine, transmission, front and rear suspension, steering rack, radiator, steering column, pedal box, brake booster and master cylinder, dashboard etc, so the assembly of the car only involves bolting all the components into the chassis. A CD is supplied that provides full details of the assembly and build of the car.

The body-chassis unit is supplied with the body attached to the chassis, with the bonnet, boot and doors all hinged and aligned and windscreen fitted. The body-chassis unit accepts all the components from the donor Ford BA/BF (2003 - 2008), XR8, GT or GTP. This means the completed Cobra Concept Kit Car DRB540 has Power steering, Cruise control, Traction control, ABS, Radio/CD sound system and electric mirrors. Power windows have been developed and these can be purchased as a kit.

Customers can buy a damaged BA/BF XR8, GT or GTP at Auction. Expect to pay from about $8,000 to about $15,000 depending on the amount of damage and mileage, usually between 20,000 and 70,000 km. (The Boss 5.4 litre motor would not require major work until at least 400,000 km) Most of the cars have 5 or 6 speed Triptronic (Auto/Sequential) transmission with a few 5 speed manuals (2003 - early 2005) and 6 speed manual from late 2005. Once all the required parts have been removed, there are other saleable items that can be sold to defray the costs, such as trim and old body panels.

A hardtop/soft-top is currently being developed for the car that will be attached by quick release catches at the top of the windscreen and on the rear deck of the bodywork. The shape of the hardtop would be similar to a fabric soft-top arrangement but will be made out of fibreglass and have foam padding and vinyl covering on the outside and roof lining installed on the inside. Photographs of the new hood will be available once the prototype has been completed.

DRB540 BCU $24,950 (one left in stock)

The Cobra Concept Kit Car DRB 540 can be completed for a budget of $50 - $60K providing the customer undertakes all the assembly work.

We will be updating our website shortly to provide photos of the build. In the mean time, you might want to read the article that featured in the Febuary 2010 edition of Custom Kit Car Magazine.


If you require further information, send us a stamped CD mailer and we will send you a copy of the Build Manual CD that provides over 200 pages of details and photos of the build of the DRB540. This will be available for download shortly.

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