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DRB Cobra / Boss Cobra

Thank you for your enquiry about our DRB Cobra replicas.

The DRB Cobra has been the best selling Cobra Replica in Australia with over 350 cars sold.  The ease of construction with the comprehensive Build Manual and the Body/Chassis unit supplied with all panels hinged and aligned allows the owner/builder to complete their DRB Cobra to the high standards that make the DRB Cobra the most award winning replica in Australia.

The DRB Cobra can be fitted with the Ford Windsor 5 litre motor or an option for a Budget build is the Lexus Quad Cam 4 litre Alloy V8 that is available as a “front cut” that includes motor, transmission, computer etc. The Windsor and Lexus motors do not comply with the exhaust emission requirements in some States.

Early in 2006, the DRB Cobra was modified to have a wider engine bay. This version is called the DRB Boss Cobra. The widened engine bay can now accommodate the Ford Boss 5.4 litre Quad Cam range of high performance motors that are fitted to BA/BF/FG XR8’s, GT’s & GTP’s (2003 to 2010) comply with the exhaust emission requirements in all States of Australia, or the new Coyote 5.0L powerplant with or without Supercharger.

This chassis can also be fitted with the Mustang “Cobra” Quad Cam 4.6 litre Alloy V8 motor, normally aspirated or Production supercharged that complies with the requirements in most States. (Always check with your certifying engineer prior to engine purchase.)

The DRB BOSS COBRA is fitted with the same Shelby 427 Cobra replica wide body that is fitted to a new chassis that uses Jaguar XJ6 Series 3 suspension and brakes. The BA/BF/FG Boss 5.4 litre, 260, 290 or 315 kW V8 motor with 5 or 6 speed Tiptronic or manual gearbox can be used together with the BA/BF/FG Computer, wiring harness and sensors, steering column, brake booster, Master cylinders & Accelerator pedal. The ABS control unit can also be fitted and toothed wheels can be supplied for the hubs to provide ABS brakes if required.

The body/chassis unit sells for the following (prices include GST – please refer Price List):

DRB Boss Cobra BCU:        AUD $19,950.00
DRB Cobra (Mamba) BCU: AUD $17,950.00

A deposit of $5,000.00 is required with each order, and delivery is currently 4-10 weeks.

A comprehensive Assembly Manual is supplied with each body/chassis unit, which includes step, by step instructions to make the build job simple and straight forward.

In the meantime should you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact us.

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